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Thomas Was Alone Creator Announces Creative Stealth Title

Mike Bithell wowed gamers with his minimalist title, Thomas Was Alone. Using simple geometric shapes, Bithell created a compelling set of relationships among the many plainly named characters. Today he announced his new title, Volume.

Volume is a story of an as-yet-unnamed man committing crimes for as-yet-undisclosed reasons. The stealth gameplay is reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid's VR missions, and players will have the opportunity to remix the levels and release them for others to experience.

Bithell is joined again by composer David Housden, whose music can be heard in Thomas Was Alone and the gameplay trailer below. Four artists are accompanying the pair through development, giving Volume a look distinctive from Bithell's last title.

More information about Volume will be available in October.

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  • Man, that looks HECKA GOOD.

  • Kinda looks like a flash game. Reminds me of the police trainer arcade shooter! Played it at Round Table every Friday for hours when I was younger.

  • This actually pretty amazing.

  • OOOOOOOh damn,this will be interesting no doubt.The musics pretty damn good thats for sure.

  • "Sneaking missions 60! Weapons 80!"

    Oh baby, MGS VR Mission style complete with the overhead camera, i'm sold.

  • Looks fun. Will probably buy.

  • I just got a Steam Wallet card pin for free! :D http://steamwalletcodes.com This game looks good.  I loved Thomas was alone.