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Total War: Arena

Total War: Rome II Buyers Will Have Advanced Arena Beta Access

Developer Creative Assembly is offering advanced beta access to the upcoming free to play strategy title, Total War: Arena.

Announced earlier this year, Total War: Arena is a free to play 10 versus 10 team-based multiplayer battles. Rome II players who participate in the battle will get exclusive in-game Legion Armoury bonuses, approximately $15 of in-game currency, and Legion status right out of the gate.

Total War: Rome II is coming to PC on September 3.

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  • Awesome cant wait for Rome 2.

  • This game makes me wish I didn't suck so bad at strategy games.
  • I wish I had a good gaming computer for this.

    I play Shogun II on my laptop and they look like papers cut outs lol

  • 10 vs 10! now this is total war!

  • Hmm I dunno how good my average PC could play this but it seems like one of the few games I would actually buy to play on the computer. Looks cool.