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17-Minute DayZ Video Diary Offers Development Updates

DayZ, the Arma 2 mod that turned into something much larger, has been in development for some time. The game was supposed to go into alpha recently, but saw a delay, and this developer diary goes into detail about why that happened.

You can check out the full video below, as well as the latest batch of screens from the game by heading here.

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  • I'm pretty excited for this. What about you guys?
  • Would play.
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  • Awesome. I look forward to the day this game finally arrives. Should be quite fun.

  • So excited for this game! Been waiting to play something like it for years and years now...

  • Mod

    Wanna check it out when this game comes out

  • That's cold blooded, they took that man's clothes. When the standalone comes out I'm going to try and be the nicest guy ever. For some reason I don't like being bad in video games, it makes me feel icky lol.
  • Looks really good, and this is pre-alpha, so just imagine!

  • Man, I wish that I liked multiplayer games like this. The problem isn't the fact that I completely hate most people online, it's that I like to go lone wolf in these things. I guess if I found people I could trust, I would love this.
  • All this stuff is great, but none of it means anything if they can't keep the hackers out.  Cheaters and hackers have absolutely ruined the Day Z mod.  As flawed as the mod is, I'd happily pay the price for the standalone if it was simply a more hacker-secure version of the mod.  

  • As disappointed as I am for the delay, I'm glad they are taking the time to make sure it is done right. Unlike some other games *cough WAR Z *cough

  • Wow....

  • lookin pretty solid, should be good after some polishing

  • just give me the opinion to open my own lan server for me and my homeboys
  • I definitely want to see this as a standalone.
  • he real like the word uuuuuuuuua!!