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Secret Files: Sam Peters

New Secret Files Spinoff Lets You Crack A Case

Deep Silver has announced a spinoff game in its Secret Files point-and-click adventure series, which gives players a chance to investigate a mystery deep in an African jungle. Players will step into the hiking boots of reporter Sam Peters as she investigates rumors of alien lifeforms.

Scientists in Africa have discovered evidence of genetic manipulation in animals that live in Lake Bosumtwi, which was formed after a meteor strike more than a million years ago. Sam decides that would make a great story for Uncharted, the science magazine she works for, and she packs her rucksack. While in Ghana, she learns the legend of the Asanbosam, a race of vampiric humanoids that hides in trees and kidnaps its unsuspecting victims. Shortly after, an expedition disappears, and she has to figure out if she's prepared to risk her life for the sake of a byline.

Secret Files: Sam Peters is due out on PC on September 27. The download will be priced at 9.99 Euro, which is roughly $13.25.

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  • I'm a fan, sounds good!

  • I actually know someone named Sam Peters, except he's a guy. This will be fun...

  • I do love Crackin cases!

  • See, this is the stuff that makes me want to get an awesome PC gaming rig. I prefer consoles but the games that are PC only kill me. Additionally, they are cheap but yet still fun. Maybe 2014.

  • All I understood while reading this was "Uncharted".....drool...

  • I usually pass on point and click games, but this one seems too interesting to pass up (last one I played was the Still Life series).