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Total War: Rome II

Creative Assembly's Campaign Designer Shows Off Factions And Their Traits

Creative Assembly has released another Let’s Play episode for Total War: Rome II. This edition is hosted by the studio’s community coordinator Trish Ryniak and campaign designer Dom Star, who discuss factions, campaign mode, and diplomacy.

After walking viewers through each of Rome II’s factions and their traits, Ryniak and Starr play a few minutes of stages late in the campaign. Fans of the Total War series should notice both familiar and brand new aspects of the game interface.

Total War: Rome II will release on September 3 for PC. Check out our recent post about the game's audio here.

  • About damn time they gave us a good look at the campaign map. That's the only reason I even play TW games.

  • It seems that sometimes the dev should either write down some of their commentary or hire someone else.

  • Always wanted a sequel to Rome: Total War but I'm saddened that my PC is not powerful enough to smoothly run it.

  • I'll be watching this game. I loved Rome: Total War, but wasn't always the best strategist when it came to the battles. Most of the time I would just make sure to outnumber the enemy.

  • Amazing! Games like this can only be released on pc, can any claiM to be superior then the PC world? Now who to play....for the glory of rome or for the wealth of the medaterainean as carthage

  • Looks like a large game