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Shadowrun Returns

Check Out Harebrained Schemes' Take On A 25-Year-Old RPG

Shadowrun Returns releases next week, so developer Harebrained Schemes has put together a launch trailer showing off some of the game's character classes in action.

Set in 2054, Shadowrun Returns takes place in a time when magic has re-entered the world. Classes like the spell-happy Mage, the matrix-hacking Decker, and gun-toting Street Samurai are shown in the trailer, and you can read about the others in our interview with the game's creative director.

The game's Kickstarter goal was $400,000, but that number was greatly surpassed when 36,276 backers pledged over $1.8 million to the project early last year.

Shadowrun Returns launches on July 25.

  • lookin cool

  • Wish this were available on Mac OS. Actually, on second thought, I wish I didn't have a Mac. Best of luck to the devs on this one - looks like a blast.
  • Awesome

  • If I had a decent PC I would pick this up.
  • I'm sold. It's like Badur's Gate and X-Com had a baby and it's name was Shadowrun.
  • Next Thursday can't come quick enough!

  • Pretty excited for this. Still kinda bummed that no reboot of the shooter is in the works. The game was pretty fun, even though it was online-only.
  • Woot! Harebrained has made me proud to be one of their backers.

  • I'm so excited for this, I can't wait to play it but I might have to wait for a review of it before I start playing it. hopefully it won't be more than a few days before GI's review.

  • Ok its official. "Welcome to the Sprawl" is my new catchphrase.

  • Can't wait, so glad I backed this and ShadowRun Online

  • Lots of games like this recently, hopefully this stands out

  • If you don't own Shadowrun for xbox or pc, I highly recommend that game. IMO it has been the best shooter this generation. It's over 6 years old and is still played today by lots of players. I think it would've been more accepted if they would have called it Shadowrun Arena. I am so disappointed that this isn't an fps sequel.
  • What's with all the Kickstarters lately?

  • I have been watching this one for a while, being a fan of the SNES version. I probably won't be able to get this as soon as it launches, but I'm excited about it and hope they did a good job on it. I need to load up a sega emulator and try that version out, I hear that was a good one as well.

  • This one is a safe purchase. Much kudos to Harebrained.