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Mad Max

First Look At Max In Action

Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche surprised us at E3 with their reveal of Mad Max, and now we've got the first gameplay trailer. In addition to a licensed NES title, the Mel Gibson films have been linked to video game culture many times. Examples include the bandits from Borderlands and elements of Rage's vehicular combat.

Now, things are coming full circle, with the Road Warrior starring in his own title once more. Combat takes place behind the wheel of the Pursuit Special and on foot, with what appears to be a combination of melee and firearms. When Matt Helgeson previewed the title at E3, he noted that emphasis is strongly on fisticuffs, which is a departure for open world titles.

Avalanche Studio's sandbox pedigree earned from the Just Cause series is enough to have us interested in what Mad Max's wasteland will have to offer. It doesn't hurt that the song chosen for this trailer, Soul of a Man is a masterful rendition of Blind Willie Johnson's classic from the 1930s.

Update: Reader Andrew Webster has identified the cover artist as Steven Stern. His version of Soul of a Man is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Mad Max is coming (likely) in 2014 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • I really enjoyed this trailer.

  • I thought that if this game ever came, it would be Rockstar behind the steering wheel.... but Avalanche and Warner are good too.
  • Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.
  • So much potential. I hope it ends up being good.

  • Well this is turning out to be rather interesting, WB has proven itself quite competent in the field of video games. Who knew? Is this hinting to a reboot of the franchise?
  • Why doesn't he look anything like mel gibson n honestly couldn't they have jus got him to do the voice even though I'm sure he'd want a pretty penny is this supposed to be a complete reimagining?
  • would be nice if they actually used Mel Gibson for the voice or some voice in the world lol

  • As great as this looks, I want Just Cause 3.

  • THe graphics looked really good, the meelee takedowns looked better and the car chases looked spectacular. Let's hope the actual game lives up to the potential.

  • That wasn't really gameplay
  • Does anyone else think the narrator sounds like Courtney Draper?

  • Color me intrigued.

  • living up to potential in the 'dog eat dog' world of the gaming industry & business is a difficult thing.
    in this world, we have 'hope' that it truly does.

  • this was a lot better than the last trailer i watched.......rambo *shutters*

  • This is interesting.  I haven't really kept up with this game, but after watching that trailer I am intrigued and can't wait to see how this game shapes up from here on out.

  • What borderlands was SUPPOSED to be IN CAPS
  • Is it me or does Mad Max kind of look like Quinn from the show Dexter?

  • looks pretty cool!

  • Just walk away. Leave the controller, your chips and a soda...just walk away.

  • Doesn't look anything like the "leaked" Just Cause 3 pics....good. JC3 still a possibility.