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Total War: Rome II

An Early In-Depth Look At Gameplay From The Devs

Total War: Rome II is set to release for PC on September 3. To give fans an early look at some gameplay, the developers at Creative Assembly are putting together a Let’s Play video series. Join Al Bickham and Joey Williams below in the first entry to the series, The Battle of the Nile.

Rome: Total War was released to critical acclaim in 2004. 

  • This article was reposted?

  • I don't know why, but I just can't get into RTS games. I like to have time to plan out my attacks (like in Civilization) instead of reacting like I normally would... run straight at everything and hope for the best!
  • This game is gonna suck so much of my time..
  • Im insanely excited for this.
  • Cant wait for this game. I have played all but the first Shogun and have loved everyone of them. Hurry up September!!

  • The game looks AWESOME... it is a real shame I wont be able ton run it on my PC
  • So much better than the E3 video. No annoying guy talking *** the whole time.

  • I can't wait :-D

  • And this game doesnt come out for a while, impressive