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Die More This Summer

In space, everyone can hear you curse because you were doing so well but got jumped by a giant space bug and now you have to start over. If that's the kind of experience you crave, T3P's Teleglitch might just be the roguelike for you.

The title, which takes place in a derelict military research station already has a following. The new "Die More Edition" of the game will not only introduce new players to the title, but give existing owners an enhanced experience at no additional charge.

In the trailer below, you'll get a taste of the monsters lurking in the shadows, the procedurally generated halls, and the different weapons that are your only defense against the hordes.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition will arrive this summer for PC, Mac, and Linux. 

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  • This sounds interesting. Feed me more.

  • That looks really good. now which version do I pick up Linux or Windows ... choices, choices. Also, on side note is GI going to review Rouge Legacy, which just launched on steam?
  • This is gonna sound bad, but...what exactly is a roguelike? I know I've played many before, I just don't know what exactly they are.
  • Reminds me of Infectanator.

  • Woah! Blew my miiiiiiinnnddd!!! GOTY pick for sure. (*insert clear sarcasm*)

  • Looks like fun. I'll keep an eye on it.

  • Teleglitch is such a blast.

    Really nice to see they're making a new edition of it :)

  • This looks interesting, though maybe a little too old-school, graphically. I don't mind pixels, but this is crazy.

  • Ive played a bit of this and it carries sooooooooo much tension