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Civilization V: Brave New World

Video Explains Diplomacy, World Congress

The second and final expansion for Civilization V shakes up the endgame with the World Congress, which savvy players can use to push their agenda and thwart rivals through peaceful means.

The World Congress can ban luxuries, enforce nuclear non-proliferation, and more. Ultimately it serves as the new diplomatic victory condition, where a would-be global leader has to gain the support of delegates not only from city-states but from rival powers as well. Watch the video below for more.

For more on the imminent expansion, check out Mike Futter's hands-on report.

Civilization V: Brave New World comes out on PC on July 9. 

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  • looks pretty sweet.

  • You know, because Diplomacy is always so much fun in real life...
  • Awesome, I can't wait

  • So much hype for this, cant wait

  • Awesome. I can't wait to be a global menace.
  • I cant wait for this expansion. Already pre-ordered.

  • The UN ruins everything.  Including Civ.  I think I'll pass on this one.

  • If only we could revamp our world's diplomacy as easily and epically as this.