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Six New Screens Illustrate Incoming Standalone DayZ Game

Developer Bohemia Interactive has released six new screens showing off the upcoming standalone release of the immensely popular hardcore zombie-survival mod, DayZ.

DayZ pits players against hunger, thirst, exhaustion, cold, zombies, and – worst of all – other players in a unique persistent structure where your character is saved in a central database but gameplay takes place on whichever individual server you decide to connect to. Death is permanent and around every corner, but the accomplishment of staying alive is all the sweeter for it.

DayZ is currently in a closed alpha-test state, and has no official release date. It is only confirmed for PC at this point, though creator Dean Hall seems open to the idea of a console version.

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  • Wasn't this originally going to release last December?
  • I really want to play this game but I can't justify buying Arma 2 just to play a mod of the game. I played the War Z for a bit was was pretty let down. Is it worth getting Arma 2 for this or should I just wait for the standalone?
  • Why does that sign have "Hobo" written on it?
  • Bohemia Interactive the creators of arma is making Dayz
  • This looks impressive. Hope it comes to consoles.

  • This is going to be awesome

  • The mod can be frustrating to get working but once it does, it can be pretty fun. The perma death survival experience can be quite thrilling. However, my first time in the DayZ mod was on a non-pvp server to learn the ropes but I have to admit, without the risk of crazy murderous players mixed with the zombie world, it's not as much fun :)
  • Russia has a Hoboken?

  • I hope its not as glitchy as the mod version.

  • hope this comes to ps4
  • Come on PS4, come on PS4.

  • Looking good :)
  • I hope it comes out on consoles. I hecka want this game.

  • If this comes to PS4 I would be the happiest guy alive. It should also come to Xbox One

  • This ought to be some healthy competition for State of Decay alright...

  • I thought this was released and it turned out to be a disaster or some type of infringement issue?
  • Its got to be something really special to establish itself as the dominant zombie open world survival rpg to top State of Decay. With SoD releasing before DayZ, a lot of consumers will think DayZ is the rip-off.
  • man this sh*t looks so frigging dated
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