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Company of Heroes 2

New Trailer Offers More Details On Multiplayer Experience

For those looking for a new online experience, Relic Entertainment has released a new trailer with details on Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer.

Also new are five screenshots from the upcoming strategy title. 

Company of Heroes 2 will be coming June 25 for PC.

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  • Big fan of CoH, can't wait for this! Steam had the beta going but I think I missed out on that :(
  • Would be really cool if they put this on PS4 cause my pc cant even run super meat boy. You can use the mouse and keyboard to control like they do on counter strike for ps3. Ive been wanting a new WW2 game for a while, they haven't made a AAA one since World at war

  • Definately a day one purchase.

  • CoH looks to be shaping up quite nicely now.

  • All ready paid off can't wait