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Arma 3

See The First-Rate Military Sandbox Of Arma 3

The third installment of the world's premier military sandbox series is nearly ready to deploy, and we've got the screens and trailer to prove it.

Arma 3 follows in the footsteps of Arma 2, offering powerful tools to run your multiplayer server just the way you like with up to 100 or more players battling for supremacy over enormous islands.

Arma 3 comes out this fall on PC.

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  • Beta coming june 25th.

  • Server box is up and running in eager anticipation for the full map. Cannot wait to get my hands on the full island!

  • This is a serious looking FPS for PC. I haven't played the first two much, but I know I will be picking this one up on Steam when it releases.
  • If only a version would release for Next-Gen.
  • I love arma to death. Even though i have the alpha. I'm waiting to continue playing it until the game is fully launched. The reason is not just because of the bugs, but  99% of the servers are freaking wasteland.

    They need to get rid of the wasteland servers that don't have activity on them for over 72hrs and have dedicated servers for the core MP game modes like sector control and public realism units to have their own dedicated servers for people who may or may not be part of a realism unit such as the 15th MEU Reaslism Unit so the can play the multiplayer as realistically as possible.

    //end rant. lol

    Either way the game is amazing and the trailer looks phenomenal.

  • I've been in the alpha since they released it,a ton of servers are empty but the ones with people in them are a ton of fun.

  • I've been in the alpha since they released it,a ton of servers are empty but the ones with people in them are a ton of fun.
  • i hope this comes to xbox or just consoles in general
  • I really hope it's optimized better than Arma 2 was.
  • This is so awesome, kinda what would be the baby of Ghost Recon and Battlefield

  • DICE should make something like this on the Frostbite 3 engine! XD
  • I've been watching this game for a while now, but unfortunately I can't afford a decent PC rig. :(

  • Let's be honest here, no one would care about Arma if not for Day Z.
  • Looks really cool, would love to see it on next-gen consoles!

  • Pretty intense alright. Such an upgrade From A2...

  • I wonder if they will bring DayZ to ARMA III?

  • Looks good, how lond till they mod it?
  • looks good