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Battlefield 4

The Best Moments From Battlefield 4's Multiplayer

Battlefield 4's 64-player multiplayer was the highlight of the EA press conference, and here you can see some of the session's best moments.

The game's multiplayer shows off two notable modes: Levolution and Commander Mode. The former brings the environment more into play, and EA cites things like destructable skyscrapers as a way to change the battlefield. The latter is the return of the older Battlefield mode.

For more on the game's single-player showcase today, check out this trailer and a collection of screens.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show, including DICE's live stream of a 64-player Battlefield 4 match.

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  • Not gonna lie, Battlefield 4's multi-player is going to be epic.
  • This is one TASTEY cheeseburger!

  • The highlight of EA's conference? Maybe this was the longest, but the Battlefront teaser was definitely the highlight.
  • that was awesome, but I hope the tower collapse wasn't scripted like the radio antenna in Caspian Border or whatever that map was. Oh yeah, and for the first time ever in a modern era battlefield story, no Russian enemies to be seen (I hope).
  • I always thought that BF3 was better than COD. But I knew that socially COD was more prevalent. But I cannot remember the last time I saw multiplayer gameplay that impressed me as much as BF4. Bigger, better looking, and more players,AND improved destructibility! I think This may be the beginning of the end for COD.
  • i think im in love lol

  • That is easily the most awe struck I have ever been for a multiplayer game. That entire thing just looked impossible

  • Now just to decided what system I will be playing it on!!
  • Only thing I really wanted was for animation of entering and exiting vehicles. Instant entering/exiting pissed me off in multiplayer and took away from the realism. Didn't get my wish. :(
  • oh my lanta

  • Dude! Holy askhgdasehgfahsd!!!!
  • not a fan of EA at all, but this looks pretty cool

  • It looked pretty awesome. Although, let's face it, people are going to try to crash jets into the bottom of buildings just to get a multikill :P and those elevators are gonna be deathtraps. I'll take the stairs!
  • Destructible environments again? Thanks. Now were back to Bad Company 2 level! :D
  • I couldn't help but notice throughout the video the terrible accuracy of the guy in the video.
  • I was going to say "this video sold me on the Xbox One", then I realized it was on a PC. :/ As long as Xbox One has at least 32v32 player multiplayer I'll still buy it. The main reason I didn't play more BF3 on my Xbox is because the maps were waaaaay too big for 12v12. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • After seeing how amazing BF4 is think of how amazing Battlefront will be. We'll get to have space battles, ridiculous vehicles, and (hopefully) galactic conquest. All done the DICE way. It will be so hip!

  • ..................................................HOLY SH#T BALLS

  • That multiplayer gameplay was insane! I wonder how many people will be able to play in an online console match.
  • Hell Yess!! Finally some massive multiplayer on consoles, I love it. Hopefully it looks pretty close to the pc version as well.
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