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Civilization V: Brave New World

Prosperity Through Trade

In the latest entry of the Civilization V "Enter a Brave New World" video series, Firaxis and 2K Games have detailed the improvements to the more commercial aspects of empire management.

Previous videos have covered culture and tourism and changes to how ideologies work. Today, we're learning more about trade routes and the new units that come with them (caravans and cargo ships). Religion, science, and tourism will flow along trade routes, incentivizing recipient cities to allow the units to pass freely, even if it means a financial boon to the unit owner.

One of the big changes is that trade routes can be established within an empire to funnel food and production to cities that might be low on one or both. This will help speed along growth and completion of build projects.

Civilization V: Brave New World, which we've extensively previewed recently, will be available for PC and Mac on July 9, 2013.

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  • The new trade routes mechanic seems to offer a meaningful, and more nuanced, implementation of trade.  Being able to establish trade to overcome a cities deficiencies is a welcome addition.

    It's great that Firaxis continues to support this title so long after release.

  • Is Disneyland one of the new wonders?

  • As someone with only the original release, I must say that the graphics never looked like that for me. Do they update those, too?
  • Am i stupid, or is this still not on Steam?
  • I cannot wait for July 7th. I am so happy that you can send resources to cities in your own empire who are lacking. This will help so much when I start a city by or in the desert to get the mineral resources.

  • Every time I read the expansion's name, I'm reminded of the amazing book by Aldous Huxley.

  • I really do appreciate the attention trading is getting in this expansion. Trading have been one of the most important element in human history, on par with warfare and perhaps above religion.

    But original CIV5's trading mechanic was far from getting its well deserved attention. What we got was overly simple "connect the cities, and get money" system. Hopefully that will be addressed in this expansion.

    TBH I think trading deserves entire expansion dedicated to it, say CIV5-silk road or something, but this will have to do.

  • Can't wait for this!!  600 hours in Civ 5 and counting...

  • Heavy is the head that eats the crayons...

  • Well, that certainly makes sense.

  • If I could have anything in Civ 5 it would be a more realistic approach on Diplomacy and trade with other nations, it's almost impossible to trade with someone if they are not getting a huge benefit in return. And almost always for no reason they try to renounce me.. If they enhanced that, it would be the greatest game ever.
  • looks good but i like big battled rts's like c&c and sins and supreme commander. this isnt my type.

  • Thats so cool ...

  • Woah! That camel's bigger than Hamelburg!
  • Cant wait for this expansion