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Civilization V: Brave New World

Indonesian and Moroccan Cultures Coming To Civilzation V in Brave New World Expansion

The Brave New World expansion pack for Civilization V will release on July 9. Today, 2K Games and Firaxis revealed two of the ancient cultures that will be added to the game in the pack.

Here's the information on the two cultures direct from the press release. If you want to know more about Brave New World, check out our previous coverage.

"Indonesia, led by the 14th Century Prime Minister of the Majapahit Empire of Indonesia, Gajah Mada, are granted unique bonuses for establishing a seafaring empire, as their first three cities formed on new continents are granted two unique luxury resources via their Spice Islanders ability. Their unique replacement for the swordsman is the Kris Swordsman, which gains a random upgrade after the first round of combat. Finally, their unique building, the Candi replaces the Garden, and awards a faith bonus.

"Morocco, and their leader Ahmad al-Mansur, are well equipped to take advantage of the new trading route mechanics in the expansion, as they gain powerful bonuses to gold and culture for every external trade route via their Gateway to Africa ability. Their unique Berber Cavalry unit replaces standard cavalry and gains combat bonuses in home territory and on desert tiles. Also taking advantage of desert terrain is their unique improvement, the Kasbah, which improves desert tiles with added defense, food, production and gold."

  • Cool. More stuff for Civ.

  • Speaking to a hardened Vietnam War vet, I realized the radish is right before our eyes. Reggae music and the sweet flow of vinegar is the remedy for a broken heart, but Matt Lauer enjoys using bison meat to sooth his soul (despite having no soul). Slap on a sparkler, it still ain't the Fourth of July.
  • I'mn currently using the Egyptians. They make wonders really fast which is quite useful :p!

  • Moroccans! Might have to switch from my main Romans

  • I am a fan of the Morocco bonuses.

    I currently use either America for its OP B17,

    or Japan for its Bushido ability.

  • Enough with the Civ 5 expansions. How long can they milk one cow?
  • I mostly play as England, I like to create empires sprawling across the entire maps covering them in glorious red; the extra 2 movement for embarked units is a bliss. With navies and nuclear submarines being able to take anyone out at a slight sign of aggression :D

    I pretty much always play Earth TSL maps though... I never liked playing on custom maps... perhaps if the factions were made up with some geographical/cultural consistency it would be ok but I just can't take playing as England or USA and having my western civilization born out of a small desert island shared with Korea and Egypt. Totally spoils the immersion; hence for me, fun.
  • Pretty good deals.

  • Well, I'm disappointed by those two.

    Then again, you only have so many Civilizations before you go scraping the bottom of the barrel, and off the top of my head i can't really think of anyone, so in conclusion, IDK.

  • Sweet.

  • Anyone who has read Brave New World by Aldous Huxely is sad to see this be released
  • The Achievements for this have have surfaced on Steam.  Among them, A reference to soma (from Huxely's "Brave New World") - "Soma tablets for everyone" which looks to be something like get 100 happiness.  Another for creating the XCom unit - "That's XCOM Baby!"  Many more, and some that link to a possible American Civil War Scenario.