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Infinite Crisis

Green Lantern Shines Bright In Infinite Crisis Video

If your biggest problem with Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas like League of Legends and DOTA 2 is that they don't feature enough comic book super heroes, then Warner's upcoming Infinite Crisis might be right up your alley. Check out this profile of Green Lantern, for example.

Green Lantern is a powerful Blaster who demolishes his enemies with a range of energy constructs, including chains, safes, and missiles. The Emerald Gladiator may be reckless, but he is an effective heavy-hitter. Check out his champion profile video:

Sign up for the Infinite Crisis Beta here, and read our hands-on impressions from GDC here.

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  • This game looks like it could be fun. Hopefully it's as polished as DOTA.

  • Green Lantern is terrible!
  • This actually looks really cool. It's probably nothing too different or unique from other MOBAs, overall, but the DC characters and environments is a great foundation to build a MOBA on. Not to mention, the fantasy setting is overused in MOBAs, and this will give people a more modern option.
  • Gettin' owned there Green Lantern

  • It looked like Green Lantern was shooting a green bolt from his junk,just sayin...
  • Shine bright like a di- green lantern?

  • I read the title as Incredible Crisis at first. That was one weird minigame collection.

  • Gunna be sick as fuuu!!!!!