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Battlefield 4

Watch 17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Gameplay Footage

Tonight DICE unveiled its latest attempt to master the art of the single-player campaign. The graphically impressive demo of Battlefield 4 featured a heart-pounding escape, wide-open battles, great facial animations, and very little of the painful linearity that plagued Battlefield 3.

Rather than read us write about every element of the 17-minute demo, we suggest you watch it yourself:

Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Though EA wouldn't confirm, we also expect this high-powered game to appear on next-gen consoles. To take a deeper dive into the details of the game, check back in an hour for our impressions.

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  • It said next gen on one of the BF sites.
  • Lackluster.
  • I've been a bit skeptical of this game, but this trailer looks pretty good.

  • This game looks beautiful. Can't wait to hear about the multiplayer too.
  • The trailer looks ok, but we've done this dance before... only with slightly lesser graphics. These 2-4 guys vs an entire country single player campaigns are getting very very old. Surely developers could come up with something better then an on-rails Rambo experience? Also: "Are you OK man?" Wow, what believable dialog to ask someone who just fell five stories and was crushed by a block of concrete.
  • Although the gameplay remains the same, the cinematics look more intense and the battlefield seems to be more susceptible to destruction.  Although Battlefield can be monotonous at times, it is still the best shooter there is.

  • Mod
    Impressive. Not sure how it will play on a console, but I like using the destructible environments to create your own path. Still, nothing to convince me it does enough different to really excite my interest.
  • Yet another game not to appear on Wii U! lol
  • This looks like the same stuff but single player was never its strong suit, not worth 60, wait for it to hit 30$ for me
  • It annoys me that they practically reused the exact same models from BF3 MP... laziest thing I've seen in gaming for a while. The enemies I mean. Hope there is a lot more variety as far as the skins/models go for different classes and not just different camo. So immersion breaking... having everyone look exactly the same. At least change the faces. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for this.

    I'd trade each one of these pre-programmed explosions and gusts of wind that go unnoticed for a new model/asset added to the MP.
  • Ehh looks pretty, very generic but pretty. I'll have to wait to see more but as of now I'm somewhat underwhelmed

  • Battlefield 3 looks great
  • Yahtzee just had an article that describes every part of this trailer! Sliding Down Something Sequence (SDSS) Check! Falling Down Something Sequence (FDSS) check! Basically quick time events in the guise of "tell me where to rain hell from my helicopter and make a giant explosion somehow that wont actually matter at all where you aim" Check!
  • Wasnt that impressed to be honest thought it would of been better if they showed it on a next gen console...of course its gonna look great on a PC but arent mostly people waiting to see it on a next-gen console instead?
  • If only those great realistic graphics were used on something with an interesting and artistically crafted world... speaking of which, I need to get Bioshock Infinite.
  • 0. My mind was just blown, I know the next game I am gonna get!

  • Looks like they got back to actually being able to destroy environments. Great visuals too. Looking forward to it!


  • Looks so Beautiful! ans Bad Ass!
  • I just hope the rest of the SP is better than BF3. I know that MP is always a blast in BF :D

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