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Infinite Crisis

Turbine Introduces New DC MOBA: Infinite Crisis

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine have announced Infinite Crisis – a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game based around the DC Multiverse.

The free-to-play title is scheduled for PC sometime in 2013, and it features various bizarro incarnations of DC favorites like Batman, the Flash, and Wonder Woman from the 52 worlds, as they battle to save the Multiverse.

Use environmental objects as weapons, content with map-altering events, improve your ranking among the other players to determine the fate of the Multiverse, and more.

Turbine is currently accepting beta applications on the game's website.

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  • Seems like an interesting fit for this type of game. I still can't get over how dumb and generic "multiplayer online battle arena" sounds.
  • Sounds cool, but I have some issues with these things. My only real issue is that I want a single player DC universe game that has the same quality as the Arkham series, but with different heroes like Superman or even Deathstroke. I tried to play DCU Online a while back, but it just felt like a generic MMO with DC characters who gave you quests, in my opinion.

  • Nice. The multiverse is a perfect setting for a MOBA. It would even give a logical explanation as to why both teams can use the same characters.
  • The only DC-licensed thing i'm interested in right now is Injustice.
  • Seriously? I made a comment about the new Magicka MOBA as sort of a joke. But another one?! MOBAs really are going to be the next bloated genre to infect the gaming industry.
  • oh great here we go, now the MOBA genre has become more popular and everyone wants to milk the *** out of it and its mother.
  • Is this going to follow the Infinite Crisis story arc, or is this a game that just adopts the general "flavor" of I.C.?
  • I was interested in trying the Lord of the Rings MOBA, but I think a DC branded one will finally get me to try this genre.

  • Cool.

  • Still not entirely sure what a "MOBA" is or how it's played. All I know is that if I want to find out, I have to spend countless hours on a genre I know literally nothing about only to be scolded and harassed by the genre's veteran players and their notoriously unfavorable attitude towards newcomers. No thanks, i'll pass.
  • Am I the only one who instantly thought of Marvel Heroes while reading this?
  • You can probably thank League of Legends success for this influx of MOBA's.

    On another note, it would be nice if these games could introduce "new player only" matchmaking.
  • Supergirl plz

  • Sounds interesting.

  • the euro mmorpg that im anticipating are jewels of the north and sword coast city. cant wait to dive in. oh and another one called age of wushu, it has a unique battle system which are quite amazing

  • It is pretty funny. I have beta applications for Marvel Heroes and Infinite Crisis. I doubt either one will be accepted, but if one does I hope it is Marvel Heroes.