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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED Releases Witcher 3 Screens

CD Projekt RED has released a batch of screens from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that may give Game Informer subscribers a sense of deja vu. They were good enough for our cover-story layout, however, and their quality certainly hasn't changed.

The screens show Geralt exploring on the world on horseback, embarking on a whale hunt, and torching an unfortunate giant's head. Take a look at them in the gallery below, and be sure to visit our Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hub page when you're done. It's loaded with exclusive videos and additional content.

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  • I really hoped for some trailer (not teaser) from your coverage. But I guess it's the end of Witcher 3 hub updates?

  • I really hope they bring back the original Witcher's combat system, at least the three stances. TW2's combat system, while solid, feels overly streamlined.
  • Dang i cant wait to play this on my brand new PS4 when it comes out!

  • (low whistle) Beautiful sights. :)

  • seems better than skyrim

  • Well, these supposedly are early shots. The final graphic quality was said to be a true 'next step' from what we see here.

  • This game can't come out fast enough. I want it NOW.

  • The fire, particle effects,and lighting look impressive.

  • These screens look pretty good. Might need to pick this up

  • I need to finish up Witcher 2. I have a compulsion to do every side quest in games so its taking me forever to complete it

  • This is on The Witcher 2 renderer which means they are still not at the quality CD Projekt has envisioned with their new renderer which is still not ready to perform.

  • Sexy game looks sexy.

  • I need to finish the witcher 2 fast; well not really this doesn't come out till like Q1 of 2014.

  • amazing detail

  • Wow, it looks amazing!

  • Wow. Impressive. A lot of stuff looks very painterly, like REALLY close to concept art quality. I like it.

    What I don't like though is the lack of a color palette on display. Either bluish grey or dark and orange (for flames' highlights). I want to see more colors and visual variety. I'm assuming it'll come as more of the game gets completed though; I'm not worried.

  • Looking excellent!

  • Looks amazing, but will combat be less 'clunky.' Make no mistake, in Witcher 2 the story was great, and the combat was more than adequate, but it always struck me as incredibly unrefined and lacking fluidity. Now that it's become something of a gaming staple, I'm hoping they have the budget/manpower/interest to work on that a bit.