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The Witness

New Screens Of Jonathan Blow's First-Person Puzzler

As the creative force behind Braid, no one can question Jonathan Blow's credentials in the puzzle genre. For the last few years, Blow and his team at Thekla, Inc. have been working on The Witness, a first-person puzzle game focused on drawing lines on computer monitors. Of course, the scope expands beyond its seemingly simple premise, and you can get a taste of the areas and puzzle that await you in these exclusive screens.

Just check out the gallery below to see new shots that showcase different slices of The Witness' open world.

For more on the The Witness, keep on eye out for a hands-on preview in the current issue. I played the game (still in an early state) for over an hour, and was surprised at The Witness has to offer. You can ensure you get the info as soon as possible by subscribing to our digital edition right here. You should also read up on the importance of architecture in The Witness.

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  • Really like the look of the art-style!
  • Loving the art style, hopefully this'll come to either current or next gen consoles, if not I may actually have to buy a PC game.

  • I love those visuals.

  • This game looks incredibly promising. It is unfortunate that it will be a PC exclusive though.

  • Dying to play this.

  • Future game of the year, right there.

  • Man this game is pretty

  • What system is this for?
  • That is one good looking game.

  • So, first you rip off Prince of Persia, and now Myst. What next, a game centering around QTEs and narrative choices? Sorry, TWD and Heavy Rain already covered that.
  • He can't fool me - that's a barn-raising pictured above. This game is based on the Harrison Ford film!

  • I'd been waiting on some news from this.

  • The visual style of UPCOMING MASTERPIECE.

  • Wow, there are a lot of great independently developed games worth looking out for this year! Personally excited for Blow's 'The Witness', thechineseroom's 'Everybody's gone to the Rapture' and The fullbright Company's 'Gone Home'.

    Also, is it just me or did anyone half expect a member from the cast of 'Team Fortress 2' to suddenly appear on one of the screens?
  • I had completely forgotten about this game until I saw this preview.  I really can't wait to play it; not only that, but I still need to play Braid sometime too.

  • I'm looking forward to The Witness.

  • I really like this art style. It's reminding me a bit too much of an episode of house hunters though. Especially with the lack of action in the scenes.

  • I've been eagerly anticipating this title since I first read about it on Blow's blog not too long after the release of Braid.

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