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Resident Evil 6

Even More New Modes Coming To Resident Evil 6

If you're picking up Resident Evil 6 on PC, you will receive a mode that is unavailable to console players. Called "The Mercenaries: No Mercy," this exclusive mode is similar to the familiar Mercenaries mode, but Capcom claims it presents a greater challenge and allows for even more on-screen enemies.

In addition to No Mercy, another new mode called Siege is coming to all platforms (As if the three new modes already released weren't enough). 

Capcom confirmed today that Siege is a multiplayer mode for up to six players. It has players splitting into two teams – one controls the main characters as they attempt to save a BSAA rookie agent, and the other controls the creatures trying to kill said agent. After the first round, the teams swap roles to play from the other perspective. Players will be able to purchase Sieg in March for $4.

Check out the video of Siege mode in action, plus see the latest PC screenshots below.

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  • Hmm... cool for PC gamers...
  • I don't think this game was as horrible as some people made it out to be, it was still fun. Chris's campaign was what really killed it for me, though.

    I'll look forward to picking this up if an Ultimate Edition releases. This game did not disappoint on the Mercenaries front.
  • It's like dropping a few precious jewels into a pool filled with dog poo.

  • I've been meaning to pick this game up, now that its cheaper. I gave it a rental when it first launched, and I enjoyed it despite the complaints. Personally, i've always thought that RE's narrative was crap, and i've always hated the god-awful tank controls, so the adjustments to the controls was a nice change of pace.
  • I'm actually looking forward to getting this on PC.

  • Nice, nice. I really like RE6.
  • 4 bucks for a subpar multiplayer mode? I think I'll pass, however if someone finds it appealing then by all means buy it.
  • Dead Space 3 is a great game. What were YOU guys talking about?

  • Okay. I don't think I'd go for this even if I had the PC version, but I guess it's nice they're experimenting.

  • Hell yes! Capcom -- thank you for making me glad I'm holding out for the PC copy!

  • Capcom has been doing well with the PC. Thanks Capcom!
  • Hmm...Lucky.

  • Why does everything Capcom do these days seem to be more bad than good? New mode, that's kool, but for $4 it will severely limit the amount of players that will have access to it. Since it's a multiplayer mode, you want as many people playing it as possible to keep it alive over the long term. First they want $50 instead of $40 for Revelations, and now this. Capcom loves dat nickel n dime.
  • I love RE6 and want to play the No Mercy Mercenaries very much.

    I just got done finishing the Dead Space 3 demo also and am veeeeery curious how the public will react to that game. It is everything people said was wrong with RE6 but done to a not as fun degree.

    Not only is there zombies shooting guns like RE6, there are HUMANS shooting guns at you in DS3. Just like RE6 except I can't enjoy a full 8 hour zombie campaign with just zombies like RE6.

    People complain about Capcom focusing on too many things to appeal to everybody. But some days I do want to experience Chris's campaign. The Javo mutations are really clever and are a fun gameplay dynamic. I don't care if it never would have happened in RE1-3. It's fun. RE6 is close to the best action of 2012. And I will buy it a second time on the PC when the price is right.
  • You lucky b*stards that are getting this on PC.

  • Seriously WTF capcom,Mercenaries No mercy mode is something I have wanted for years and you will not put it on consoles.That is Bull good job capcom screwing your main fanbase over again !

  • Well, better dust off the game and get ready for new content...again.

  • I really like how we have to pay for all these modes individually in Re6. In Resident Evil 5 we got everything for 5 bucks and that was just stupid.

  • never liked resident evil's multiplayer except the campaign...i hope others find it enjoyable...

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