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The Elder Scrolls Online

A Deeper Dive Into The Elder Scrolls' MMO Adventure

Bethesda Online is wading into the MMO waters with its appropriately titled game The Elder Scrolls Online. There's still much to learn about it, but a new trailer is a strong indicator that the game isn't just a generic RPG with the Elder Scrolls' name slapped onto it.

The nine-minute trailer, which is embedded below, highlights a variety of features, including combat, character customization, and how the game fits into the larger Elder Scrolls' lore. The game won't be split into various shards, so players will be able to team up with their buddies with relative ease. And as the trailer's conclusion shows, The Elder Scrolls Online features the epic-scale battles that the other Elder Scrolls games have only dreamed of.

For even more information on the game, visit our hub page. It includes exclusive interviews with the development team and much more.

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  • still needs player housing imo

  • No. I want console version. NOW.

  • Skyrim just got alot F*UCKIN better

  • Skyrim just got alot F*UCKIN better

  • no turn based combat? sign me up

  • Can we say mega time sink. Not that I'm complaining I love time sinks ;)

  • This will be interesting to continue watching until its launch date. I am concerned about the Mega Server and the system requirements that are going to be needed to play this game once it is done. I like the idea that they are sticking with the same graphics that they use in the series however, I am more interested in the character progression system and customization ideas. I want to be able to have my rogue look good but play even better.

    Granted this is still in the early stages, seeing a preview of what the game may be like brings new hope and anticipation for my favorite game series. It's been many years since I last played a good mmo and I may return again once this is finished.

  • as good as the models and textures look, I hate the animations for the people. way too jerky.

  • Is it just me, or does this game not feel like TES at all? I'm a longtime TES fan, and I'm going to give this a shot with an open mind. But something about this game just doesn't feel right.
  • Wow, this art design is amazing. I love how it incorporates the styles from past games, so that the game remains rooted in the lore.

  • It looks great, I just feel like MMO isn't the way to go with this series.

  • Big does not always mean better.

    There's a reason why the Elder Scrolls have continuously kept characters on screen to a minimum.

  • I've never played an MMO before and don't have a lot of intrest in them. TESO might change this. The battles look awesome and to be able to do all the awesome stuff you can do on Skyrim or Oblivion is really cool as well as being able to play in the whole of Tamriel.

    I'm a bit worried about the equality of the game because if one team becomes really strong and takes over the Imperial City it might create a snowball effect and that team will dominate forever.

    It would also be cool if they could bring this out on console but I doubt that that's ever going to happen.

  • It looks fantastic. It'll take a lot to get me into an MMO.

  • looks epic!

    I dabbled in some MMO's and this one looks like something fresh to bring me into the fold.

    now how do i free up my life to spend time in that world????


  • I wish Skyrim weren't such a boring and superficial game...

  • the game look awesome and all but about i get what the want to say about the different servers and all but idk i think the game is gonna lag a lot if they put everyone in one mega server like they call it

  • Lame....try allowing me to upload the character I have spent countless days on into it. Also try putting 100000 xboxs on a server with varying connections in one massive world and tell me how that works out...P.S. if you figure it out tell Activision...they cant get 12 people to sync up

  • looks great can't wait for it's release

  • okay