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The Elder Scrolls Online

A Deeper Dive Into The Elder Scrolls' MMO Adventure

Bethesda Online is wading into the MMO waters with its appropriately titled game The Elder Scrolls Online. There's still much to learn about it, but a new trailer is a strong indicator that the game isn't just a generic RPG with the Elder Scrolls' name slapped onto it.

The nine-minute trailer, which is embedded below, highlights a variety of features, including combat, character customization, and how the game fits into the larger Elder Scrolls' lore. The game won't be split into various shards, so players will be able to team up with their buddies with relative ease. And as the trailer's conclusion shows, The Elder Scrolls Online features the epic-scale battles that the other Elder Scrolls games have only dreamed of.

For even more information on the game, visit our hub page. It includes exclusive interviews with the development team and much more.

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  • Wonderful trailer. I'm a little more excited for it then I was when it was first announced. I'm hoping all this hard work on it pays off.

  • This is looking pretty good. Hopefully my PC will be able to run it when it comes out.

  • Never got into MMO's, but this game is looking great!

  • I think for the first time ever I'm actually really excited for a MMO... *looks at self* What have I become!?...
  • Jesus christ GI guys, you need to get your video player's *** together. I love this website and the magazine and your writers, but your video player is the shittiest abomination of a *** video player in the world. I can usually make it through most of your game previews and trailers, but anything longer than three minutes and it perma-lags in one spot (and it's not my internet, i can open new windows while the video doesn't move) and eventually closes out. I tried three times and still couldn't make it through half of this, which is a trailer i was really excited to see and isn't anywhere else on the internet. Please. Just make a youtube channel. Upload the video. Hyperlink it. It would make all of our lives so much easier.

  • As much as this game looks good I still have much concern. First off with the bugs and glitches that have been present in most Bethesda games. The series as a unique first person combat system, but in general is stale and is much outweighed by the series amazing story and visuals. The will have to make a combat that sets itself far above its previous entries and that elimates the hotbar mmo combat style. Exploration as to be the strongest suit in the game, period. However the quest/exploration is pulling on guild wars 2 style play. It is also copying a page from gw2 pvp. This has me worried. You can have the franchise name but if they can't pull it off as well as areanet then there would be no reason for people to leave gw2 and come over here. The mega server as me worried too. Sure games like eve do this right but games like Tera failed at it. This game already has enough to set it apart from WoW but not enough to set it apart from newer MMOs. It's execution has to be perfect or it will not pull enough players to make it a huge success.

  • Cant Freaking Wait!!!

  • 2013 GOTY.

  • This is going to be full of bugs and will go free to play before you know it.

  • I don't play MMO games, but TESO looks awesome! Probably will try this.

  • ooooh~ awesome.

  • That siege battle looked absolutely immense!

  • People do know that this isn't even developed by Bethesda but by Zenimax.
  • Looks pretty cool. Definitively going to at least try it out.

  • I got chills watching it. And that was without sound...

  • Hope the game is optimized good.

  • hope its free i mean i know they deserve money for this but i dont rly have the money to get it.....
  • The MMO genre needs to evolve ... this will be more of the same with a different coat of paint.

  • OK, i'm sold. I am definitely getting this. The combat looks great, as well as the accessibility, which is in my opinion the most important thing in an MMO.