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The Elder Scrolls Online

A Deeper Dive Into The Elder Scrolls' MMO Adventure

Bethesda Online is wading into the MMO waters with its appropriately titled game The Elder Scrolls Online. There's still much to learn about it, but a new trailer is a strong indicator that the game isn't just a generic RPG with the Elder Scrolls' name slapped onto it.

The nine-minute trailer, which is embedded below, highlights a variety of features, including combat, character customization, and how the game fits into the larger Elder Scrolls' lore. The game won't be split into various shards, so players will be able to team up with their buddies with relative ease. And as the trailer's conclusion shows, The Elder Scrolls Online features the epic-scale battles that the other Elder Scrolls games have only dreamed of.

For even more information on the game, visit our hub page. It includes exclusive interviews with the development team and much more.

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  • Wow, the artists really outdid their selves. Looking forward to next year.
  • This game looks okay. I still hope Bethesda makes a single player game of Summerset Isles or Valenwood. I would very much like to explore those regions in first person.
  • This game look amazing! Graphically and as a game!

  • Sounds like the questing system GW2 uses which is awesome! really makes you want to see more! And also i like the use of a megaserver as the first GW had, was really nice. Can't wait to see more of how this turns out! i just hope they get the instances right, i want tactics and real team-work, thats where imo, GW2 really fell flat.

  • F*CK. I've never wanted to play an MMO. But this is PUSHING THAT CLAIM TO BECOME FALSE!!
  • Interesting. Price?
  • I just want to drop my pants and jerk it right here! This is AMAZING! This will be the best MMO to date, hands down. I cannot wait for this to come out! I can feel the need to buy a jar and just put my life in it and say "See you when you are required." xD Bloody marvelous!
  • It looks good, but that's only saying so much when everything is coordinated. Combat though, exactly what I was thinking it would be, and I have Guild Wars 2 for that. Still going to pass on this though. Not my kind of genre, as much as I've enjoyed Guild Wars.
  • Grrrrrrrr My computer would never be able to run it AND IT LOOKS SO FUN!
  • At first I was one of those people that thought The Elder Scrolls should stay with single-player forever.. After watching through that video that totally changed and I really want to play that now, looks great!
  • I hope they go the GW2 route, by charging $60 or $80(Yes, I would pay this or more for a one time purchase) of the game, and letting gamers play for free, while having the option to purchase items/new content through their store online. The game is looking beautiful. Can't wait for 2013.

  • LOL megaserver? more like MEGA crash on release date...
  • This actually..looks good  0.o coming from a long time WoW player.

  • i fear that single player elder scroll games have no future,so i hope and pray that this game flops harder than TOR did but faster.This is the last thing we need RUINING TES.
  • Ok. It looks good so far. Maybe this will get people to stop trying to get co-op/MP into the console versions of TES.
  • looks a lot better than those first screen shots. don't really play mmo's, but this looks really god.
  • I hope this has a similar business model to GW2.

  • This is a beautiful game.

  • Lol It's funny from when this was first announced all there was was trolling about how bad this was going to be and a wow clone. Good job Bethesda/Zenimax Online on a quality looking game and showing people you guys can make a quality MMO. Looking forward to more gameplay and info. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!
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