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PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2 Trailer Features Impeccable Computer Generated Stubble

There's no true gameplay to be seen, but it's still quite the impressive spectacle. And I am not just talking about the beards.

As a concept video for Planetside 2, this is an impressive trailer showing off all kinds of interesting gameplay mechanics, like calling in for back-up, jetpacking from drop-ship to drop-ship taking out enemies before they even land, and invisible ninja ladies.

Click here for more on Planetside 2.

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  • You'd think razors would be more advanced in the future.....
  • pretty

  • I felt bad for his jetpack buddy. He was all like 'YEAH WE GOT THIS' and was secretly hoping to be the co-star in the trailer. Then he esploded. (intentional misspell)
  • NC4Life!
  • That was some epic, over-the-top action.
  • Wish I had Tech test access... yet I have to sit and play Dota (which is fine) while I see a friend on steam happily play PS2... D';

  • I just puked......but I liked it.

  • Dat beard...

  • I'm so excited for this. Need to finish building another PC then I'm good to go aaaah hope this rocks as much as the demo looked like it did

  • Very nice indeed. The stubble, and the trailer of course too. ;-)

  • I read the title and at first had no bloody idea what you're talking about. then I read it again and felt very stupid for briefly not knowing what "impeccable" and "stubble" meant.

  • Man I hope this game is rockin'.  I remember my PS1 days but I have yet to see much MAX action and STILL wonder why some vehicles exist at all, such as the Sunderer and other Troop Transport vehicles; it was far more effective for each player to have their own vehicle and not put eggs in a basket.

  • Great trailer, but I don't think I'll end up playing the game; I'm far more eager for Dust 514. That aside, was anyone else reminded of Tribes while watching this?
  • How come I didn't notice this game in 2012 E3 headlines sooner?! The trailer's amazing!!! Gotta think about the predecessors sometime.

  • Oh my... I haven't heard all too much about this but I want to play it due to this trailer which isn't even actual gameplay, like did anyone else think "OH MY GAWD What the freak is going on!?! :D"

    Edit: -Bzzzt- Such godly -bzzzt- stubble, can't compute...
  • check dat beard.

  • Kyle you got me hyped to see a cool beard. That guy's beard was weak. But I guess I'm the only one that feels that way looking at everyone else's comments.
  • That trailer was epic, but Massiver multiplayer snd Sony Online Entertainment together lately havent been very cohesent. Hopefully they can turn it around here.
  • Something else to look forward to

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