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Company of Heroes 2

Teaser Trailer Stumps For Eastern Front Of WWII

THQ has released a teaser video that sets the stage for the next real-time strategy title from acclaimed developer Relic Entertainment.

As you can see, Company of Heroes 2 takes place across the Eastern Front of World War II as Nazi Germany cut a bloody swath from the USSR before being turned back at a staggering cost of human life.

For much more on Company of Heroes 2, check out the preview from our July (Gears of War Judgment cover) issue. The short version: Snow has depth, the engine has been re-written and looks awesome, and physics modeling has been cranked way up. The game lands on PC in 2013.

Are you ready to take on the Wehrmacht in the bloodiest conflict in human history?

  • Grrr come on GI fix your player so we can change the quality.
  • Looks cool, Too bad my Pc is a P.O.S.. ughh i guess its about time to upgrade again :/

  • man i cant wait to fight for the Motherland. i really hope us Americans and the Brits are still playable in Skirmish mode though. nothing like have all three factions fighting the Nazi menace together.
  • Russia!
  • Only PC?

  • War.....war never changes.
  • That was corny looking trailer. Really, the only game I REALLY liked with the Russians in WW2, was World at War, and that was because that game was down to Earth. No one forgets what happened Stalingrad, everyone forgets what happened to Berlin.
  • I'm going to get a better computer just for this game.
  • Ok GI I'm sorry but your video player is garbage. I can never watch any videos in full and I'm really close to just giving up on you. And for god's sake get an App already!!! Your a video game site, get with the times. Jeez.
  • Sweet!!!!. That is all
  • I just find it a bit odd that they would want me to care about a country that beat back an "evil" army and then took the fight to them, only to create the same kind of oppression that the Nazi's did for a much longer time period. I'd rather play in an alternate history where the Allies took them both on.
  • Finally a game that looks from somebody else's side

  • lie the camera stuff

  • The only good communist is a dead one.

    Like Liberty Prime once said "Better dead then Red

  • ill get it but i wish they'd make console versions
  • the only commies i can respect, bloody russians are some tough dudes

  • Wish they would tone down the melodrama in that trailer... I think it's disrespectful towards the actual people who died that their death is repurposed into some macho-*** action trailer, where the only real purpose of mentioning all those deaths is to arouse a sense of exitement. I'm fine with the WW2 setting and all, but let's not forget that in the end it's all just about entertainment.
  • Looks great

  • ffs... 2013?? **BRAAAHHHH**!!... good thing X-COM is only 3 months away,atleast ill be playing that until Company of Heroes 2 comes out.

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