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Quantum Conundrum

New Quantum Conundrum Trailers Makes Physics Fun!

This video looks at some of the hard science behind Quantum Conundrum's physics-based puzzle action -- and showcases a guy getting hit in the face with a pie.

Quantum Conundrum will release on Steam on June 21 and at an unspecified later date this summer on consoles.

  • Even though this looks like a total Portal rip-off( I know that the co-creator is working on this, but that doesn't matter, did you just get that joke?)it still looks fun!
  • Eh.  This looks okay.  I'll probably pass on it though.

  • This looks like fun. I love these games

  • Definatley reminds me of portal, but thats because of who is making it

  • that video was terrible. Looks like a fun game though.

  • http://tinyurl.com/top2biz      .0.0 .0 . . . . . .0 . . 0

  • i really think these trailers suck. really bad. just 2mins and 45 secs of pure boring crap. and the 20 seconds of gameplay footage looked dull too. ugh!

  • 3 min video but like 15 sec of actual game play

  • Look Around You?

  • I had no idea the Power Glove could defy the laws of physics.

  • Pass.

  • Looks decent.

  • They seem to be making it fun.

  • i want this game. i always love a good puzzler

  • I watched 30 seconds of this. Screw live action trailers. Live action trailers for video games are just as dumb as anime trailers for video games - show the game and stop wasting my time.

    Still looking forward to this game though. Portal was amazing; I'll follow this Kim Swift designer wherever she goes if she keeps making up games as good as Portal/Narbacular Drop. There are too many shooters anyway - first person games can be so much more. Puzzlers like these prove that, as well as games like Amnesia. Why don't mainstream first person games have as much creativity and fun? Why do all the dumb, derivative, violent shooters get all the marketing?
  • video: BORing!!!


    game: so little actual footage to understand the basics.


    no interest.

  • definitely thought cow extract was.... well not milk..

  • I think I'm going to have to buy this. Hooray!

  • Looks great.

  • what a useless video.

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