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Free-To-Play Co-op Shooting From Crytek

This free-to-play shooter one-ups the competition with a new randomized co-op mission every day.

Warface is beautiful, as you’d expect out of Crytek. It’s also got the nuts and bolts of shooter gameplay down – no surprise there. The minor twists on modern shooter standards created by a Bulletstorm-like slide move, plus a co-op mantling move that lets two players climb onto platforms and structures inaccessible to solo players, are neat but hardly genre-defining. The six standard competitive modes are exactly what you’d expect, though their implementation as far as I’ve seen from a brief demo at E3 is uniformly top-notch. What sets Warface aside is the emphasis on co-op play.

Every day, a new five-player co-op mission becomes available as one of the many ways to play the game. I didn’t get to see the variety promised, but the one mission I played with Crytek and Trion employees was an enjoyable, if straightforward, romp through a linear level full of a slew of different enemy types. The miniboss battle at the end of the section I played put the five of us on a cramped bridge battlefield against a heavily armored minigun-wielding foe who could only be damaged from behind. 

A lot of little touches elevate Warface beyond being a merely competent co-op shooter. Between the mobility granted by the slide move, mechanics encouraging teamwork like distributing health kits and ammo refills, and on-the-fly weapon customization similar to but even better than Crysis 2’s, I had a blast mowing down NPCs.

As relatively easy as this normal-difficulty level was, Crytek tells us that the hardest co-op level has only a seven percent completion rate in Russia where the game is already live. Hopefully the developer will deliver a nice range between those two extremes.

Warface didn’t blow me away at E3, as its action is better described as “good” than “exceptional” in a crowded shooter genre, but I appreciate the co-op focus – and you won’t find anything that can touch the glorious fidelity of its presentation in the free-to-play space.

Warface is currently in closed beta, and is set to open that up to many more players in the coming months. No release date has been announced, but given the game is already out in Russia and that localizing a military shooter isn’t exactly like bringing Final Fantasy over from Japanese to English, you can expect to get your own hands on Warface sooner than later.

  • I read a little while ago that apparently there were different functions that you could do, depending on what platform you accessed the game on... the iPad was commander, with overview of the battlefield, the PC player was on the ground, etc. not sure if that's true anymore...

    looks cool, though.
  • This is legit, best news ive heard all hour

  • Until an fps has the sliding flourish of vanquish, a simple slide move won't do it for me. Game looks cool, though.
  • Warface sounds like they could have named it better, but the same could be said for Medal of Honor:Warfighter. Crytek will do a good job though.

  • "I've been looking forward to this."

  • Everything is going free to play, must be one heck of a money making business model.

  • Pretty excited for the beta. Looks pretty good.

  • Awesome news.

  • Sounds interesting, I might have to check it out.

  • It is SO refreshing to see all this growth for F2P games and cross-media projects this year. Everything about this project screams out to me, despite being generally opposed to the F2P framework.

  • Honestly that's the best looking f2p game I've seen so far.  Also the animations look like crysis ^^

  • Figures. Developers wouldn't make a game for Mac if Steve Jobs' ghost held a chainsaw over their heads.

  • For being F2P, the game looks surprisingly well-detailed. I'm not really into the F2P types of games, but Warface might just be the exception.

  • that looks fun

  • Looks a lot like Crysis weapons and graphics-wise, although more modern than semi-futuristic...

  • Is this only for PC? cause the 360 and ps3 could use some f2p games.

  • Looks awsome

  • Sounds fun, and I'm always good with free.