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Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep Is An Atypical Horror Game

Among the Sleep puts players into the shoes (footie pajamas?) of a two-year old exploring a creepy house, and it looks terrifying.

There aren't any monsters or even any particularly scary supernatural occurrences, but the breathing of the child and the general atmosphere present in the trailer below, makes Among the Sleep a horror title worth keeping an eye on.

Keep an eye out for the game on PC and Mac next year.

[via Joystiq]

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  • First!

    Also, looks cool. I prefer Horror games with actual gameplay like Amnesia or Penumbra.
    Games like Dear Esther with little to no actual gameplay don't sound fun and can't be very long without boredom.

    Solving environmental puzzles as a two year old seems strange. And no beings to run or hide from may take away the fun, although nothing is for sure.
  • What is this I don't even?
  • I really wish they bring more horror games to consoles. But this looks good.

  • Horror + console = happy
  • Well, it's original. I'll give it that.
  • Mod
    I know it's already been said, but I wish this would be brought to consoles. It looks pretty interesting. Either way, looks like a great game for the PC and Mac crowd.
  • Your a defenseless 2 year old in a scary environment... GENIUS!
  • I don't like horror games. I've scared easily my entire life.
  • This sounds interesting.......idk if its a good interesting or bad interesting lol

  • Eh, not a horror fan...
  • that is soooooo horrrifying :)

  • That's pretty much what it's like walking around in the dark when you're a little kid. Monsters everywhere.
  • Sounds scary, but it doesn't look scary. This horror title doesn't have monsters, blood, thrills. This one game doesn't even have it.
  • Oh god this looks and sounds horrifying! Whoever thought of this deserves a medal, thats awesome.
  • My god... this looks amazing.

  • Looks great :)

  • I could play it.

  • Finally, we get to see what happens from the baby's perspective in Paranormal Activity 2 lols

  • wow thats really scary. i dont normally PC game but i think i'll make an exception
  • Unique... show to toddlers.
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