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MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online Releases A Volley Of Catapult Screens

Piranha Games is working on the free to play, mech simulator MechWarrior Online. Hop inside the cockpit of the Catapult mech.

MechWarrior Online give players access to the most powerful war machine ever to do battle. Set in the year 3049, during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, players will be able to customize their mech by upgrading its systems, replacing its weapons, and tweaking its armor. 

Here are a few screens of the Catapult mech, an indirect-fire model that excels at blanketing a target in LRM fire. The Catapult can fire on enemies without being in visual contact with them and is fitted with jump jets and four medium lasers.

Check out the games original teaser trailer here.

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  • Im astonished they still make these games.

  • This is slowly starting to appeal to me...

  • Pretty nice screens. I'm very antsy to try this. The idea of an online Mechwarrior game sounds fun!

  • This game looks so sweet.  Love the mech designs, can't wait!

  • Release date?
  • After waiting for over 15 years since MPBT on Gamestorm, I fell like a Clansman coming home to the Inner Sphere. I can't wait to strap back into a Battlemech. I missed my Atlas. Long live the Dragon.

  • Mmmmmmm... dual scatter missiles *drools*

  • sigh...

  • Not an MMO fan but I'll give this one a shot, I love mech games.
  • ENNNGHHH!!! I remember the catapult! Two big missile ports on the top of an awkward two legged Mech!

    This just gave me hope!

  • Screen shots look good. It's been a while sence I played MechWarrior and playing it in MMO is something I would like to check out.