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MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online Releases A Volley Of Catapult Screens

Piranha Games is working on the free to play, mech simulator MechWarrior Online. Hop inside the cockpit of the Catapult mech.

MechWarrior Online give players access to the most powerful war machine ever to do battle. Set in the year 3049, during the early stages of a massive interstellar war, players will be able to customize their mech by upgrading its systems, replacing its weapons, and tweaking its armor. 

Here are a few screens of the Catapult mech, an indirect-fire model that excels at blanketing a target in LRM fire. The Catapult can fire on enemies without being in visual contact with them and is fitted with jump jets and four medium lasers.

Check out the games original teaser trailer here.

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  • Sounds pretty badical :D

  • Looks Fun!

    But Do You Need A Crazy Good Computer To Play It?
  • That's cool that it is free to play.  Pretty cool looking mech too.

  • Looks...neat
  • second
  • I should be out dating girls...
  • Screw Catapult, give me some good old fashion Madcat! Or Vulture, maybe some Thor.
  • Thought this was Black Ops 2 for a second...

    I didn't

  • Where's Mech assault 3?!
  • Wow that looks...fun..

  • Already registered my pilot name!

  • Already registered my pilot name!

  • The mech's look pretty, but the evirons look worse than Skyrim on 360. :/
  • The mechs look pretty, but the evirons look worse than Skyrim on 360. :/
  • Looks Cool under the radar...

  • Looks Cool under the radar...

  • Catapult? That sounds extremely familiar... Is this made or at least based in the universe of the last-gen Mechasault games?
  • Feh. Bring on the Mad Cat, Ax Man or Bushwacker and I'll be happy:)

    I'm only really familiar with Battletech through the mind-blowing cartoon from the 90's (mind-blowing because all the mech battles were done in then state-of-the-art CG). I was too busy playing Earthsiege/Starsiege instead. So I'm looking forward to familiarizing myself with all these mechs later this year...although, since I favor arcadey games more, I'll probably be playing Reign of Thunder or Hawken instead. But hey, it's F2P, I'll give this a shot.

  • Mod

    looking good looking good

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