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Dark Souls

New Dark Souls PC Screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots for Dark Souls on PC. Take a look at some of the new foes you'll be facing off against.

The screens show off several of the new bosses you'll be battling, as well as new NPCs, locations, and weapons. Are you ready to die over and over again?

Dark Souls "Prepare to Die" edition is due out worldwide on August 24.

  • Fantastic just fantastic..

  • Looks very good! And for the people that are saying they better give it to consoles, they might or they might not. And they're certainly not giving it away for free, since Microsoft and Sony don't allow "free" items on their consoles, which PC can get for free since there are no people controlling it.
  • It is great that PC gamers will be able to experience the awesomeness that is Dark Souls.  However, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls originated on consoles; the extra content for Dark Souls should make its way to consoles.

  • I'm so looking forward to this. More Dark Souls is always a good thing. It didn't really bother me on the PS3, but I'm sure the PC version won't have slowdown in certain places, which is another plus.

  • Sweet, now I hope I can mod it so it a lot easier.

  • Will this be on consols? I'm pretty sure they would have it on consols but i'm not sure.

  • I'm sure the whiny PC kids will find something to complain about with these screen shots and then start a petition to have them removed.
  • Anyone wanna donate to the "Get MasterShortPants a Freakin' Computer" fund? Please.

  • I will *** cry buckets if this doesn't get a DLC release.
  • Yes!

  • Hope they have the extra content for consoles as well!

  • That new armor looks rad. ZOOMIN

  • There are some great pics there, I really hope this version isn't just a bad port but rather a proper version of the game though :)

  • More Dark Souls is always a good thing. Love the artwork!!

  • Hopefully it looks better than the PS3 version that maxes out at 720p. It's the only game that looks like *** on my 46" LED.

  • i love dark souls, and was actually impressed with From Software when whatshisface said be wanted to keep the game as is so it would be a full experience with all players. at the time i loved the idea i wouldnt get whooped by some weapon i could never have or be jealous of armor that doesnt exist for me, now i feel like in order to live up to their former statement would be very dissapointing to most console players. PCeople can already mod, is it really neccesary to give them exclusive content for what started as a console game?

  • Dark souls is utter nostalgia

  • DLC? I think that'll never happen. If they do what will be the incentive for people to purchase the PC version. I would love this added to my Dark Souls(ps3) but the fact that we had to petition for a PC version justifies no DLC. Hope i'm wrong though.