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Prepare For War With New MechWarrior Online Teaser Trailer

Piranha Games will be showing off its online MechWarrior title at next week's Game Developers Conference, but you can get an early look at it in this teaser trailer.

We still don't have a lot of details regarding what MechWarrior Online's action will entail (other than blowing up other mechs in your giant robosuit, of course), but we do know the game will be free to play, and feature a real-time game clock, meaning one in-game day will take one day in the real world. Players will also control their own mech, and can team up with in-game factions, create your own mercenary group, or just go around blowing stuff up at your leisure. You can also reserve your pilot name by registering at the game's website right now. Here's the trailer.

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  • Whenever I see "Free to play" I can't help but be dubious. If they allow certain variants, armaments, or even mechs based on who pays for 'bonus' content..its not gonna be fun. I hope it doesnt go that way, but the concern is on my mind.
  • Just signed up. Hope this will be worth it, haven't had a true MechWarrior game in forever. And the revival that was supposed to come to Xbox that was originally mentioned back in '09 has since disappeared off the face of the earth ='( Which sucks cause that game looked awesome. Hope this fills my need for killing Atlus' for now XD
  • Not really interested in a F2P online thing. Make a new Mechwarrior on 360, then I'll bite.

  • All you MW kids out there take note....This is what activiosn was known for..
  • The Atlas is back in style.

  • Glad to see Mechwarrior return, but honestly, I'm only barely paying attention to this. Like racing games, the best giant robot titles are arcadey. Screw sims. Luckily, this year sees the release of Hawken, Armored Core V, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Reign of Thunder - all of which look a ton more fun than the target trailer for this new Mech sim. But like I said, I'm happy to see it back and more power to those who want it. I'll be playing the heck out of Reign of Thunder though :) Wish Day 1 had some sort of license though. No one's made a Robotech game in awhile, guys!
  • looks like an atlas or a prometheus
  • Looks decent, and I've always been a big fan of mechs, way back since the original Armored Core. This might peak my interest.
  • Best thing about this trailer?

    No dubstep.

    But seriously, looks pretty cool.

  • Really nice trailer there I have to admit, and like someone else mentioned no dubstep, and a nice soundtrack it had. Looking forward to the new information next week!

  • *** yeah... i need a mechlab like that from Mechwarrior 2.

  • Ahh - they better bring back the Mad Dog and Timber Wolf mechs from MW2...
  • amazing just amaxing....now lets hope i get to play with all those switches and buttons so i can make a working replica of the inside of the cockpit and pretend im accually piloting a 200 ton mech suit

  • Okay seriously? It's not a robosuit. If you're going to pretend to be journalists, pretend to do your research.

    It's a walking tank. You could CALL it a suit in that you're inside of it but you are int he cockpit, making it a vehicle. It's a vehicle just like a car or tank, not a robot and not a robosuit. It's not Exosquad or Iron Man, though the franchise has similar things in it.
  • Does anyone else notice the fact that the BT universe clearly states you don't drop 100 ton assault mechs using high altitude hot landings even in the best of circumstances, yet thats what happened in this video?