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Batman: Arkham City

New Trailer Shows Robin In Action

The British arm of Warner Bros. has released a short video showing Robin beating down fools with his nasty staff.

Since this is a different territory than the U.S., this Robin pre-order is said to be at GameStop. Remember that it's through Best Buy in the States. The GameStop bonus here is a Joker carnival challenge map.

[GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer]

Thanks to Keenan White (prototype_ex0) for the tip!

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  • is this only for the UK gamestops, because i know that the US gamestops exclusive is the Joker Carnival challenge maps!

  • I like the Robin looks.  Specially the first one.

  • Yes the Robin character looks so awesome I would love to play as him. Espically in the main costume he looks so *** its amazing I like that costume more then I like the original Robin costume.

  • robin look cool with the hood.

  • that looked like it was a movie this game is going to be the best one ever

  • I would have much rather had robin than the joker carnival to be honest. CURSE YOU UK

  • I would of love to play as Robin. Its coo doe, I still get to play as NIGHTWING BOI !!!

  • Still looks amazing!

  • Pre-order exclusive ._. Don't mind as long as they offer it as a dlc later on but yea he looks awesome o_o

  • Nightwing is pure awesome. If you really enjoyed this game I recommend him.

  • robin coming back on batman arkham city you got it when pre-order at walmart

  • I really like the second and third skins.