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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex Calls For Revenge

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has resurfaced with this new trailer outlining the motivations of protagonist Adam Jensen.

Here's the official trailer for the game, and it touches on the story for the highly anticipated title, which comes out on August 23 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Check out this previous trailer featuring gameplay and how you can complete missions in different ways.

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  • I still don't really see what gives this game so much press. Sure, there's more than one way to complete an objective, but many games do that nowadays.
  • cannot wait for this. got my augmented edition already reserved :)

  • I was sold before, now I am doubly sold. I love revenge epics and that's what I think this is going to turn into!

  • This game keeps looking better and better, lets hope this game helps square enix get back on its feet.
  • So looking forward to this game. However I would like to see some serious game-play footage beyond the 3-5 second shown in the video. I want to see a hud and how targeting will work.
  • Revenge is best serve cold........ until you put it on a microwave then its hot :)
  • I like how this game looks but to be honest I hope they release the first two deus ex for the modern gaming platforms even if they just upgraded the graphics alone instead of updating it in its entirety.

  • Ooooo another revenge story. *Yawn*

    *watches trailer* HOLY ***, THAT WAS AWESOME! Do I think this game is going to live up to the hype? Actually, no. Am I still probably going to buy this on day 1? Of course.
  • this game has me worried. graphics aren't that good and shooting still looks weird
  • Once again my jaw hits the floor, the demo from ComicCon was amazing tobsay the least and deus ex has always been an amazing series!  It can't come soon enough!

  • This may be interesting enough for me to pick up during the holiday season, after it's out for a little bit. Maybe even in February. I have too much on my gaming plate to buy it day 1.

  • Tron music in the beggining I here?

  • Amazing trailer; the story, gameplay, and overall feel of the game looks promising. Can't wait to get my hands on this Aug. 23!

  • i so can't wait for this game to come out. Looks refreshing from my typical CoD, BF, and Gears lineup planned for the future

  • Gotta admit,this game is one of my most anticipated games of the year.. I     just hope it don't disappoint...

  • WOW!

  • So unfortunately I will have just started my fall semester.

  • *** YES.

  • Per chance an opportunity for Square Enix to redeem themselves?

  • I'm looking forward to this game. Why? Because I enjoy cyberpunk and stories routed in revenge, conspiracies, and the grand question of "what makes you human?" Still, there will be hate on this game; it's a niche-title that will, if it is emulating it's predecessors, be hard as all hell and require an attention to detail that would make a scout sniper blush. It's just one of those genre's that you either dig, or just don't get at all.

    That said, this game has about as much to live up to as a valedictorian accepted into Harvard Medical; expectations are high and criticism will be focused with laser-like intensity. Here's hoping Eidos can pull for a win, eh?

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