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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex “Three Ways” Trailer

The press push for Square Enix’s Deus Ex is in full force, with another new trailer released to cap off the week.

The Deus Ex “Three Ways” trailer is similar to the developer diary released on Tuesday, which highlighted tactical and stealth approaches the game's first mission. This trailer offers a more cinematic tour of multi-solution play. Check out aggressive, stealth, and adaptive approaches to mission completion below.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is slated to release August 23 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

  • Did they get Christian Bales Batman to do the voice?

  • Does this trailer make the game look a little "clunky" to anyone else?
  • This looks bland.

  • Yea, looks a little clunky, and a lot crappy. Looks like it was made at least 4 years ago.

  • Not amazing but hopefully at least competent to wear the name Deus Ex.

  • Wow, surprised by the negativity.  I think it looks great and am stoked to play it.  Perhaps uninspired play-style options, but perhaps the later missions will update these ideas.

  • cant wait

  • Those elbow glades are so unconventional, yet totally ***. On another note, where's the social trailer!?

  • I think the game play actually looks like it could be pretty fun but I do think the voice acting seems pretty cheesy.

  • The game does look a bit blah, but it's all about the total package for me, and the only real way to tell that is to play it. (Or read reviews of others who've played it)

  • I have mixed feelings about this. The way he held that uh...turret thing while shooting the baddies, it was like he was mowing the lawn. This game just reminds me too much of Alpha Protocol - I didn't like that game.

  • Could use some extra polish, but the game still has months of development time left, so I have faith that they'll touch it up.

  • This looks pretty good, especially the stealth scenes

  • man first time im getting a really mixed feeling from a game i soo want this game to be good but all gameplay trailers so far just were not what i expected it to be!

  • character models look a bit bland and i can't stand the main character's voice at this point.  hopefully they can clean up the graphics a bit in the coming months.  otherwise, this looks like it could be a pretty fun game filled with interesting choices and varying styles of play.

  • I want this game to succeed but the gameplay/movement does look clunky, the ai look like robots, just not smooth. Hopefully the story and gameplay though can make up for any lack of polish.

  • is it going to be as great as the original? probably not, but even the original isn't as great as fanboys remember. as long as the RPG elements fall in line with the gameplay, i'm happy. can't wait to play.

  • This games in game graphics look worse and worse, i should have known better than to think it would look like the first trailers cut scenes, fml

  • This game looks really great.

  • Looks Good Gonna Be A Busy Four Month Gaming Session, Deus Ex In August, Rage In September, Batman Arkham City In October, And Skyrim In November. 2011 Is Shaping Up To Be A Good Year For Gaming.

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