Battlefield Play4Free is a more realistic take on the cartoony style of Battlefield Heroes, and the online game is gearing up for its April release.

Here's the latest movie for the title, and it showcases some of the aerial and ground forces that will be at your disposal, including: choppers, fighter jets, tanks, jeeps with manned turrets, and more.

The game features 32-person battles (choose between the U.S. and Russia) and a class system like other Battlefield games, where players can specialize in roles like engineer (who has an RPG and can repair vehicles), medic, recon (sniper rifle), assault (can resupply teammates), etc. Battlefield Play4Free will also take its cue from the Battlefield brand by offering redone maps from classic Battlefield titles. The video below features the Oman map from Battlefield 2.

Sign up for the game's closed beta over at the official website, or for more info check out our preview here.