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Set in a modern Monte Carlo, Monaco is a simple and satisfying tribute to crime capers and classic French heist movies. A top down stealth action game with 8-bit styling, players can choose from four different thief classes, each with their own unique attributes.

The breakdown is as follows: The Locksmith can fly through locked doors and open safes in a breeze. To the Hacker, alarms and security cameras pose little threat, and their night vision goggles prevent security from catching them off guard. The Prowler is quick and agile, making it much easier to get from one point to another or get out of sticky situation. Last, the Cleaner regenerates heath while standing still and can knock out unsuspecting guards with chloroform.

Each heist necessitates weighing risks and rewards. Nabbing a key item at each location allows you to progress to loftier jobs, but the real challenge is seeing if you can pillage each environment to its fullest without getting caught. Keep in mind – armed guards, locked doors, and security cameras are ever-present to stall your progress. You can choose to vacate the premises immediately after finding the key item, escaping in your green getaway van. However, If you are feeling lucky, you can continue to prowl about, unlocking safes, finding hidden treasures and generally upping your thief cred.

Even better, Monaco can be played with up to four of your friends, facilitating friendly competition to see who can pillage the prison, mansion or casino the fastest.

Monaco reaffirms the Hollywood basics: Know the floor plan, map the patrol routes, mark the security cameras, and, as always, have an exit strategy ready.

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