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Joe Danger


[Welcome to Indie Week at gameinformer.com. We’ve got a full seven days of indie game coverage leading up to the 2010 Independent Games Festival Awards. Check the hub daily for new previews, interviews and other coverage of the top independent games of the year.]

Joe Danger is one of the finalists with the highest production value and polish – and for good reason. Developer Hello Games was founded by employees who left behind studios such as Criterion, Sumo, Kuju, EA and Climax in order to satiate their desire for more creative freedom.

A lighthearted arcade stunt racer, Hello Games has set out to “recreate the childish joy of the first time you took a toy motorbike, doused it in lighter fluid, lit it, and launched it at high speed over your carefully constructed ramp out a second story window, while all the kids in the neighborhood cheered below.” Who could forget that feeling?

As for stuntman Joe Danger, his goal is simple – to impress fans and break records. With a massive library of tricks to draw from, Danger will bunny hop, wheelie, and flip his way to the finish line, chaining together colossal combos along the way. Timing is of the utmost importance if players want to land tricks and be rewarded with a speed boost. Trophies are distributed based on player performance, pushing you to take advantage of every tick of the clock, every second of air, and every environmental aid to nab that impossibly high score.

Looking to add longevity to the title, Hello Games opted to include an edit mode, minigames, multiplayer races and the ability to customize your ride.

From what we’ve seen, Joe Danger is shaping up to be lengthy, silly, and above all, fun.

(You can check out Game Trailer's exclusive Joe Danger trailer here.)

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Platform: TBA Release: Spring 2010 Price: TBA Website: Link

  • Hahaha, this looks great too! Great stuff coming from the indy festival. They better all hide before Activision comes along and swallows them whole!

  • Its coming Out on PSN, so the platform really isnt TBA

  • This game looks like it could be alot of fun. Who doesnt like to ramp bikes? lol

  • @ Zach - Did I miss an announcement? They recently said the following:

    "Our first game is Joe Danger aimed at digital download (most likely, one of XBLA/PSN/PC) just as soon as it feels right, let’s say Spring next year."

  • It looks like it'll be a Wii title, that's my guess. It looks slightly appealing to me, but nothing too flashy.

  • Actually, Zach is right here it is: www.joystiq.com/.../see-psn-bound-joe-danger-in-action

    So I guess it's coming to PSN.

  • this looks like a fun title, I just might check it out for the fam

  • Like a cartoon Evel Knievel!  Should be fun!!

  • This looks cool. Pretty good graphics, especially for an Indie. I MUST get this on PSN. After I get a PSN card.

  • cool but we know about this already

  • @ Meagan VanBurkleo


    Watch the Video a 11 min. 35 sec. It was clearly announced as a PSN game.

  • So us PS3 users can finally get an indie game? It's about *** time.

  • How many people have actually done the stunt mentioned? And why don't I have any friends like that? Flaming toys moving at high speed are fun!

    But seriously, this looks like a fun and original game. I would probably play it. (if I had a PS3 I mean)

  • looks to have some promise