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As you might be aware, there's a new Pokemon game out (no duh, right?)!  And in the spirit of the new adventure that's about to unfold for many people (and is in progress for many, many more), I wanted to do a little blog post about Pokemon and chronicle my adventure in the new world of Kalos.  I'll be trying to post a couple mini blogs per week with new questions, and new discussions, including a couple spoilers here and there (so be careful to check for spoiler warnings!).

I hope you'll share my adventure and, if you have a copy of the game yourself, come along and explore this amazing world of Pokemon.

But first thing's first-  

Who's going to be your starter Pokemon?

Fennekin is a strong starter- fire damage is pretty amazing (even though it has massive weaknesses to water moves) and the ability to do burn damage and add damage to each hit is pretty useful. Plus it's a pretty cute Pokemon (if that's important to you) and considering that one of my favorite first generation Pokemon is Vulpix, Fennekin is definitely my first choice.

When I first saw Froakie, I thought he looked kind of goofy.  I mean, with the weird pom-pom ball nose and the white beard/bubble thing around his neck, I thought he'd be kind of weird, but he's actually pretty cute in action.  Water Pokemon are notoriously strong and are the best choice for a first-time player, as they are pretty even-matched, even against types that they are weak against.  Water does well against Rock type and Fire type, and even though Water type moves don't do much damage against Leaf type, I'm sure that Froakie will have moves like Scratch or Tackle to beat the everloving greenery out of the Leaf types that it encounters.  Plus I'm pretty sure Froakie will be able to learn Surf, which is pretty much required in this game.

Chespin is absolutely adorable, and as a Leaf type is pretty well-rounded.  While previous Leaf types had  a lot of Poison type moves, I'm not so sure about this guy.  But the bunny ears/back covering reminds me of some kind of symbiotic relationship, so Chespin promises to be an interesting choice and probably will have some pretty cool evolutions with some pretty cool moves.  If you're more of an intermediate player, most Leaf types are tanks (except against fire), so this may be a good choice for you.

Great news for Club Nintendo Fans!

If you have a new edition of your Pokemon game (I'm pretty sure there are no used versions out there because that would be sacrilege, lol), you may be missing an extra bonus.  There is a program through Nintendo called Club Nintendo that allows you to earn coins towards bonus free games and merchandise, and it's totally free!  Just open your game box and pull out the Club Nintendo sheet with the Pin #/ Code to register your game and take a short survey.  You will be able to earn up to 60 points and put it towards all manner of cool stuff, including games for your 3DS, Wii or WiiU.

Guess what *I* got?

My husband and I both got one copy of the game- I'm playing Pokemon Y and he's playing Pokemon X.  So I got to register two copies of the game.  With those points as well as the points I got for registering a couple other Nintendo 3DS games, I was able to get a FREE version of the original Legend of Zelda for my 3DS via their online network download shop!  I'm pretty excited, as a Zelda fan myself I have never had a chance to play the original (I started playing Nintendo at the SNES generation).  What a special bonus!

Gotta catch 'em all, right?  I mean, I heard you liked Mudkips anyway.

Thanks again for reading my blog- I'm kind of in a hectic place juggling my two young children and my full time job, but I'm hoping to keep you up to date with my character and adventures (and don't forget to leave your friend code in the comments if you want me to add you!).

Tomorrow is my birthday- all I want to do is play Pokemon! Let's hope I can get some time to do it!

Question Time:

1) What's your favorite starter?

2) Do you have a team of 6 picked out yet?

3) What is your most anticipated feature for X and Y?

4) Which version of the game do you want/own?

As always, I hope to hear from you soon!