LFYB: Letter From Your Better

I hacked this hack's account... what a rube. His stuff get's posted to the front page, which means it's perfect for making sure you all know how much better we are than you without being mainstream by associating our stuff with any accounts or anything like that.  I'm sorry, you did what now? Oh you wrote a blog? Too bad you'll never be as good as I am. Let me bump it down the first page a bit. I bet that makes you sad doesn't it? Don't worry though, it's hard to compete with the immense talent I've lined up here at Blog Infarcer. I've gathered bloggers that are so good you've never even heard of them. The real creative sorts that purposefully bury their works deep in the confines of the internet underworld to avoid upsetting your delicate sensibilities. We work out of my basement and bounce our IP addresses all over the web so don't you even think about trying to figure out where I'm at.

Real black-market bloggers with the best assumptions and real fake inside information are the lifeblood of Blog Infarcer. If you've got a question these guys have the balls to fabricate an answer and spread it around the web. Why am I not writing any of these blogs? Simple, my talent is a given. I'm an internet legend and if you haven't heard of me then you've just been stuck in the mainstream. I was asked to stop writing by guys like Ludwig Kietzmann and Andy McNamara, real big dog EiCs in the gaming journalism community,  so that I didn't devalue their publication, Joystiq and Game Informer respectively, by being the best word weaver on the planet. Also, since I'm better I don't have to prove myself. That's a fact. Believe me, this is the internet. Enough of conveying my infallible opinion though, you're here for writing that outclasses you in every way so we'll get right to that. Some people won't understand exactly what's going on here, but that's their loss.

Yours truly, Better-in-Chief, Apocalypse Brony

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