Update: It looks like Wolfenstein II's vault update has gone live early. While the vault on EVA's Hammer in-game is still 12 hours away from unlocking, we were able to access the vault from the main menu as the countdown has been released by a "SAS MACHINE" Option. As far as what the SAS Machine offers, it includes two options:

1. Combat Simulations, which are arcadey score-based combat challenge levels reminiscent to the same ones found in The Old Blood, with the player attempting to kill enemies in a variety of ways to build up scores. Right now there are only four levels accessible but it looks like there's room for more on the selection screen. 
2. Freedom Chronicles DLC. If you bought a season pass, you can access episode Zero, which is a playable introduction to the characters that will be starring in the DLC episodes. Later episodes will be added in the future.

There might be more inside the vault once the in-game vault timer clicks down but for now that's what you can access via the menu.

Original Post:
When you start up Wolfenstein II and reach the main menu, you're greeted with your standard plethora of options. New Game. Redeem Content. Options. But then there's something else: an option that reads "Vault Unlock" with a timer ticking down until November 7th:

We reached out to Bethesda and asked if the timer was ticking down until the release of the first DLC. The publisher confirmed this to be the case but also added: "There are a few extra surprises behind the vault door when the timer reaches 0." What that means is currently up in the air but it does suggest that something else might be coming alongside the first of the DLC episodesThe Freedom Chronicles.

What do you think, if anything else, is behind the vault, reader?

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Our Take
I love the playfulness of the Wolfenstein franchise, with cheat codes and ridiculous modifiers making their way into The New Order. Maybe we'll see some of that in the vault alongside the DLC.