This year marks Kirby's 25th Anniversary, and in a Nintendo Direct back in April, Nintendo announced that it would be celebrating with three new Kirby games. The first was Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a multiplayer-focused action-RPG. The second, Kirby's Blowout Blast, is a more traditional 3D platformer, and it's coming to the 3DS eShop next week, on July 6.

In classic Kirby fashion, you'll be vacuuming up enemies, but there's a twist. Instead of taking their abilities like you could in the old games, you just spit them back out to launch a "Blaster Bullet" that you use to destroy other enemies. The more you inhale, the more powerful your bullet will be. You can check out some of the new gameplay in the Japanese trailer below.

Also seen briefly at the end of the trailer is Amiibo support. Using a Kirby Amiibo will change the look of the statue in the game's plaza, along with the music that plays in the background.

The third Kirby game that was announced is another 3DS multiplayer-action game that is set to come out this holiday. For news on the new Kirby game coming to Switch next year, you can check out our E3 coverage.


Our Take:
After seeing the trailer for the new game on Switch I started itching to play some Kirby. I was initially concerned that this title might be lacking considering it's skipping physical release, but the gameplay looks solid and the art style is adorable. With over 25 levels, it looks like it'll be a substantial experience.