THQ Nordic has purchased all of NovaLogic's franchises, and pledges to continue the developer's first-person tactical shooters.

Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director at THQ Nordic said, "NovaLogic pioneered military simulations and military-themed multiplayer shooters with vehicular combat and also clearly targeted at an adult audience. We are extremely satisfied with the new additions to our portfolio, and also very thrilled about how to continue some of said franchises, we are open for talks in this regard if any developer approaches us with a concept for a potential sequel to any IP."

THQ Nordic has not announced any immediate plans for the acquired series.

The acquisition includes:

  • Delta Force Series
  • Comanche Series
  • Joint Operations Series
  • Armored Fist Series
  • Tachyon: The Fringe
  • F-22 Series
  • F-16 Series
  • NovaLogic Trademark
  • and more...


Our Take
Pollice's statement indicates signing new developers for any future NovaLogic projects, but I wonder if re-releases are also in the mix. Any you'd like to see? Also, a slight word of warning: While THQ Nordic – formerly Nordic Games – acquired a number of THQ and other company's properties through the years, many have not been seen releases since being purchased. Hopefully, however, NovaLogic fans get to see their favorite franchises ride again.