Microsoft has announced a new app for the Xbox One that brings Reddit to a gaming console natively for the first time. ReddX is available now for download on the Xbox One.

The app allows users to scroll through posts endlessly, open up threads on the right side of the screen, pan and zoom images, and look at multiple images in an album easily. Animated gifs (sorry, Larry, it’s a hard “g”) can be fast forwarded and paused.

Embedded YouTube videos can also be played right from the ReddX app. You can also visit specific SubReddits, pulling directly from your desktop preferences. Thanks to Smartglass, the ReddX app isn’t just a viewing portal. You can post from the Xbox One using the second-screen functions.

The app can be snapped, and you can navigate and upvote via voice. You can check out a detailed video above.


Our Take
I don’t think this is something I’d ever use, but I can see how regular Redditors will find this useful. The app features seem extremely well thought-out, including the in-line image and YouTube viewing.