Deep Silver recently saved the Homefront series from the wreckage of Crytek UK. However, the company did not do the same for TimeSplitters.

Crytek had experienced financial difficulties recently, leading to staff at Crytek UK staff not being paid, and throwing the development of Homefront: The Revolution into disarray. Thankfully, publisher Deep Silver stepped in to save the project, buying the Homefront IP from Crytek and forming Dambuster Studio, staffed largely with ex-Crytek UK employees.

Sadly, Deep Silver recently confirmed to Polygon that the company did not purchase the TimeSplitters property from Crytek, which owns the rights to the beloved Free Radical shooter franchise. A Deep Silver spokesperson said, "The TimeSplitters IP did not come with the deal — it was only for the Homefront IP."

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take:
It's a shame. I loved the old TimeSplitters games – I even got to visit Free Radical's studio in England once. Now, given Crytek's current state, it seems that the IP will continue to gather dust.