As we were promised (or warned, depending on your perspective), there is some new multiplayer DLC for The Last of Us. Sony has announced two new headgear bundles and a new gestures pack rolling out this week and next.

The gestures are available individually or in a bundle for $2.49. The Grit and Gear headgear pack includes six items (including a bundle exclusive) and will be available after the PlayStation Store refreshes today for $6.99. 

The Professional Sports Bundle includes seven items (including a bundle-specific piece). It will be out next week for $7.99. All of the cosmetic DLC is available on PS3 and PS4 with cross-buy.

Naughty Dog is also teasing more add-on content, including new maps and weapons for Factions mode. There are also more cosmetics on the way. For more, check out our review of The Last of Us: Remastered Edition.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]