Microsoft is gearing up for the holiday, with news that Madden NFL 15 is getting a console bundle. There are also rumors based on a French retail posting that the elusive white Xbox One is getting a retail release.

Madden NFL 15 cover athlete Richard Sherman announced that he’ll adorn a bundle that comes with EA Sports' perennial football title. The bundle is priced at $399 and includes a download code for the game and a token for three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs.

Microsoft may also be planning a special Sunset Overdrive SKU, complete with a white console. The listing on’s website no longer carries an image that Eurogamer captured, but it does still identify the console as white. We’ve reached out to Microsoft on the details surrounding the Madden bundle and for comment on the white Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive.

Update: Microsoft has responded to our request for comment on the white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle. “We have nothing to announce at this time," a representative told us via email.

[Source: Richard Sherman on Twitter, Eurogamer via Joystiq]


Our Take
Microsoft has typically offered smart bundling options around the holidays, either pairing newer hit games with the console or grouping in a couple of older ones that performed well. Typically, the consoles bundled with the biggest titles are decorated in the theme of the packed-in game. 

Sunset Overdrive is big on bright colors, which would make a white console a bit of an odd pairing. Still, that is a slick-looking console.