Publisher Ubisoft announced today that RedLynx's bike racer Trials Fusion has sold more than 1 million copies. The latest free update, which improves upon several existing game modes and adds the ability for players to create custom tracks for local multiplayer, is also available now.

In Trials Fusion, players race across a variety of tracks, taking motorbikes off jumps and avoiding a large number of different obstacles while they compete for the best time. The new update is available to download for free. It makes various improvements to the Tournament, Track Central, and Track Editor modes.

Track editing now allows for up to four fully customizable lanes to be built into tracks, for 4-player local multiplayer accessibility. The update also includes a selection of 15 of the best tracks created by Trials players, accessible on all platforms via the Uplay Recommended feed in the Track Central mode.

Trials Fusion originally launched on April 16 and is available to download or physically with the DLC season pass and unlockable items included on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC for $19.99. You can read our review of the bike racer here. For more on the Trials franchise, check out Trials Fusion Frontier, an iOS and Android game that released along with Trials Fusion.  


Our Take
It's always nice to see publishers and developers commit to their game, and get rewarded in turn. Releasing a free update of this size along with the 1 million copies sold announcement seems like it's Redlynx's way of rewarding their fans, especially with the cool 4-player multiplayer and "best of" created tracks additions. Redlynx has been good about updating their game since launch, and hopefully this means we can expect more improvements and new content in the future.